What Is The Million Dollar Mind Life?
Million Dollar Mind Life, LLC is a multimedia company.  We reach our audience through audio, video and written content.  Whether it’s podcasting, writing or hosting, MDML’s main goal is to provide elite level content for itself and for all who participate. We want to be recognized as an innovative, thought provoking brand that truly cares about people and the content we create. We don’t do what we do for clicks. We do it for the love and passion of respectable media content.
In the future the company will venture into the Tech world and develop apps for budgeting, education and DJ’s.
 The name itself speaks to a mindset and belief of achievement. The Million Dollar Mind Life is the belief that your mind can push beyond the boundaries that society sets to succeed in the process of accumulating wealth, to live a better life and bask in a greater lifestyle, while keeping the core values of Family and Faith in tact. It’s about the journey and the process, not the vanity and exposure.
 The Million Dollar Mind Life represents the hunger for more. The Mind life is the want to be successful, respectful and collaborate with other entities and like minds. It’s the positive mindset that helps reaches goals beyond our greatest dreams or fears. Do you live The Mind Life?