A Leap In Progress

Today marks a day of great change and great faith. I made a decision to leave a job that underserved my current state of needs without something else solid to fall back on. Why? Because I felt my time was undervalued and I know I can get out here and get better. The time of travel, the pay, the downtime; All of it seem like it wasn’t worth my time, so I made a quick, but well thought out decision to move on.

I was in a really good working environment. I was surrounded by great and ambitious people; But end of day, it wasn’t working for my life’s needs.

With every decision being “bigger than me” this wasn’t easy, but it definitely provided the right motivation. I am now back in the race of those looking for a source of income until the company puts me in a well off position.

There is an odd calm over me. I’ve been getting interviews and rejections left and right. I am unbothered by both because I know the goals I wrote down last month. I know who I want to be and where I want to go. Great things are still in my sight and I know I can’t stop now. The promises that I made to my family. The affirmations I made to myself. All of those things will still happen. The great thing about faith is, you can’t worry if it looks good. You can only concern yourself with how the outcome will feel.

Part of me feels the rejections are coming because they were not part of the goals I set for myself. Part of me feel the last job didn’t work for the same reason. The real thing about goals is once you think of them, write them down and believe them; The universe will then push you in that direction. You need to move forward and put in the work to make them reality. I feel that is what is happening to me right now.

I wrote this to maybe enlighten some and inspire others. Live your life with no fear. Go after what you truly want and be willing to risk it all for those dreams you turned into goals. Make the tools and resources around you, serve you. Don’t be afraid to go get everything you deserve. That’s just another layer of living #TheMindLife.


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