Dealing With Rejection and Affirmations

This week has been filled with rejection and it’s only Wednesday. I was just passed over for an opportunity that I really wanted and I must admit, I was very disappointed. While the company is still in it’s infancy, I have to find alternative ways to make money. The money for MDML barely funds MDML, so needless to say every opportunity counts.

After receiving the rejection email from the opportunity I wanted the most, I got a few others back to back. I have become numb to the rejection. It’s doesn’t upset me. At one point in time it did, but those days are gone. I have now reached the point where the numbness fades and I’m at an odd inner spirit feeling with disappointment attached to it. It’s like I recognizes the rejection but it speaks to my spirit to act. So today’s another day where I have free time and it’s been all about working on building the company and giving out some form of content.

This time during my rejection, I was listening to some Napoleon Hill. Before the rejection I was listening to “Outwitting The Devil”. The talk on not drifting, positive thoughts and having definiteness of purpose was really speaking to me loud and clear. After the rejection email it became even more clear the words of the book were preparing me for that very moment. After the rejection, I began listening to “Think And Grow Rich” again. Then the “Desire” chapter began to resonate more than the previous times. Then I started remembering my affirmations for 2017.

I want to be known as the number 1 media personality in Chicago. I also want to make a specific amount of money monthly that will help get myself as well as my loved ones in a position to live comfortably. The realization that those two things alone would not happen had I got any of the opportunities I went after put my mind at ease.

The undeniable fact is, the opportunities were not what I wanted long term. Yes, the need for financial sources and resources are needed now, but maybe these weren’t the ones that would allow me to do everything I want and need with no resistance. The goals I wrote down are real and attainable. They will happen. Just because I don’t know the day they will or because they are not coming when I think I need them most, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to come on time.

I hope all of my words have found you well or have given you more clarity on what you need to do next. Have a great day!

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